1. Download Eclipse  

  2. Download the Android SDK

  3. Download and install the Eclipse Android SDK plugin

  4. After restart of Eclipse, make sure to update your Eclipse preferences to point to the Android SDK directory.

Hello World
  1. Open Eclipse, and create a new Android project:
        File -> New

  2. In the popup dialog, enter the following:

        Project name:     HelloWorld
        Package name:     com.yourname.helloworld
        Activity name:    ActivityHelloWorld
        Application name: HelloWorld

    then hit the Finish button.

  3. After the project is created, expand the folder tree to show the package fully expanded like:


  4. Click on, this is the main entry point into the class. When you double-click on it you'll see its code appear in the main code window:


  5. You can now right-click on the project name, and from the context menu, choose:

        Run As -> Android Application

    This will startup the Android emulator which will.. emulate.. a real device running Android. This may take several seconds to start. When the emulator is done loading, you'll see the "Screen Locked" screen. Hit the Menu key to unlock the emulator.

  6. You will see your application is already running for you. It should have a single sentence being displayed:

        "Hello World, ActivityHelloWorld"

  7. The application is a bit boring, you can hit the Back button on the emulator to move back to the Android desktop to see the other default applications that come with Android. You'll see the "HelloWorld" application you just created in the application list. You can start it up again now. This is how a real user would interact with your application.

  8. You can now start adding UI widgets to this shell application. The Android SDK comes with a complete set of small sample applications built off a HelloWorld style app which show how to progressively add more elements to your application. Check the following path in your SDK folder:


    All the demos in that folder can also be found running on the emulator. On the emulator home screen / desktop, click on the API Demos icon to view them.

  9. A more in-depth HelloWorld sample can be found at the Android website:

  10. Also some more intersting application development articles: